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Waukee Betterment Foundation’s Endowment Fund Reached $100,000

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

The Waukee Betterment Foundation today announced that their initial goal to raise $100,000 for an endowment fund has been met. The fund will provide opportunities to support other organizations and projects across Waukee and Dallas County.

“The board is excited to build on the success of our past and current projects, like the Waukee Railroad Pergola and the All-Inclusive Play Area in Triumph Park,” said Board President, Todd McDonald. “We also want to embrace the opportunity to celebrate new opportunities that will provide additional ways to enhance life in Waukee and throughout Dallas County through this growing endowment fund.” McDonald continued.

A grant application has been developed for organizations that are interested in the initial grants up to $2,000. Organizations may access the grant application on the Waukee Betterment Foundation’s website. Interested organizations are encouraged to submit their applications no later than August 31, 2020. Each year, the Foundation will be able to provide grants representing up to 5% of the fund balance at the end of the previous calendar year. As the fund continues to grow, so will the grant amounts.

Though the foundation succeeded its goal in reaching an endowment fund of $100,000, efforts to continue to raise additional funds for the endowment as well funds directly funding the current All-Inclusive Play Area in Triumph Park continue. Interested donors are encouraged to contact the Waukee Betterment Foundation.

To stay up to date with current projects, including the endowment fund, visit Waukee Betterment Foundation’s website or follow them on Facebook.

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